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Environmental Industry

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environmental industryIt is critical to keep wastewater pollution at the minimum level to protect our environment. Therefore industrial wastewater treatment became a very important issue today. It includes the processes and means used to treat waters that have been contaminated by industrial and commercial activities prior to its release into our ecosystem. Our engineering department cooperates with other companies in developing systems to separate oil and grease from wastewater. Precise measurements and control systems provide protection against releasing untreated wastewater and polluting our environment. We are also taking part in designing and developing custom made systems in the processes of water pH level control as well as polymer feeding systems for some wastewater treatment plants.



Service Overview

Our industrial systems automation specialists provide full-service automation, integration and control to maximize your company's efficiency and output.

Margor Electric Inc.

Margor Automation is a division of Margor Electric Inc, which specializes in electrical control panels for industrial processes.  Website for Margor Electric is coming soon!

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