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Recycling Industry

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Recycling Industry

The recycling industry grew over the years. The possibility of reducing waste disposal by reusing materials like rubber, plastic, paper, wood and metals became a very important issue. The recycling industry takes a significant part in protecting our environment. The process of reusing materials requires shredding them in preparation for further processes. With cooperation of one of the mechanical companies our engineering department developed successful prototype of the shredder machine. Over the years we have built  many custom-made shredders in range of 50 - 100 HP for the recycling industry.




Service Overview

Our industrial systems automation specialists provide full-service automation, integration and control to maximize your company's efficiency and output.

Margor Electric Inc.

Margor Automation is a division of Margor Electric Inc, which specializes in electrical control panels for industrial processes.  Website for Margor Electric is coming soon!

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